Dr. Yeou-Cheng Ma is a Developmental Pediatrician and a musician. A graduate of Radcliffe College and Harvard Medical School, she works with children with developmental disorders in the Bronx and Queens, performs as a chamber musician, and teaches violin, viola, and chamber music with The Children’s Orchestra Society.

Informally known as the “Music Doctor,” her recent interests include optimizing communication in all children, exploring the relationship of music to young children’s temperament, and using music as a means to find the “inner language” of children who have difficulties in verbal communication.

Yeou-Cheng’s work as Executive Director of the Children’s Orchestra Society has been recognized by: St. Joseph’s College in West Hartford, which awarded her a doctorate in humanities honoris causa in 1994; the New York Public Advocate Award for leadership and advocacy for Asian American Youth in 1996; and the Francis Riker Davis Award from the Brearley School for outstanding community service in 1999.
As part of the Dadap-Ma Duo, Yeou-Cheng has toured in Europe, Asia, and the United States. She also performs in chamber music groups with COS faculty and friends.